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In a space of 42 years, Dr. Jibunoh has conducted three expeditions across the Sahara by road. The first and second expeditions were solitary journeys from London to Lagos and Lagos to London, respectively. During the third expedition, he went along with a team of five volunteers, who are dubbed the young desert warriors.

Crossing the Sahara
Crossing the Sahara, the world's biggest desert, alone can be quite tasking mentally and physically. When left alone for so many days, your mind plays games with you. Prior to leaving London on his trip, Dr. Jibunoh was warned of the possible dangerous encounters he could face. But no one warned him of the desert animals. One such animal attacked him at dusk somewhere in the desert of Niger Republic and he killed the animal with a grenade. That explosion set off some bandits after him but fortunately, he had a head start on them in his car and made it out alive.


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