FADE Launches Forest Rangers Initiative

Culture is an integral and interesting way of life of a people. In recent times,culture has become even more interesting as it is incorporated into development,technology and various initiatives, especially those that would involve locals. The past few years, climate negotiations have realised the importance of main streaming indegenous voices in climate decisions and have sort their input in climate solutions. Any project that ignore the power and voices of local communities, as well as respecting their beliefs, is unsustainable and bound to ultimately fail. The REDD mechanism,despite it's many reservations with many environmentalists is one of such.

FADE Africa,whose work has always brought in members of host communities, visited 8 kingdoms in Delta state to solicit the support of the Kingdom heads, on the Forest Rangers initiative.  Kingdoms visited include the Effurun Palace, Ovie of Oghara Kingdom, Obi of Owa,Odu Ase of Kwale,Olu of Warri,Oroje of Okpe Kingdom,Ughelli Kingdom and Asagba of Asaba.

 The Forest Rangers Initiative seeks to take the message of building little gardens for future forests in the fight against climate change, nationally and regionally. The idea is to raise a team of volunteers who will plant small multiple gardens across the 36 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and extend to Sub-Saharan Africa.The initiative utilizes a bottom-up approach ensuring local communities plant trees in their own little capacity, leading to pockets of small forests globally in years to come and restoring vegetation to areas badly affected prior to then. .

According to Fade founder Dr Newton Jibunoh, the forest rangers will include four senior rangers who are volunteers from the community between the ages of 15 and 30 and 2 junior rangers from the state Climate Change clubs already existing in some secondary schools to guard the gardens.

The kingdom heads, who were already aware of climate change and the already existing impacts in their communities pledged to support the initiative, to help restore their threatened environment. The meetings ended successfully, with hope for a good synergy and colloboration.

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