The Dr. Newton Jibunoh Desert Warriors Reality Show took off in February 2010 as a joint venture between Lagos State Government, FADE Africa and the Republic of Niger’s Ministry of Environment.

This was the preliminary/screening stage to the expedition and was in the form of an Endurance Reality Show in Agadez, Niger Republic. It involved 50 specially selected men and women aged between 18 and 40 years of age, selected from applicants who paid N 3,000 to apply online via our website

The 50 selected participants were put through various endurance exercises, physical fitness challenges, discipline tests, social comportment and driving skills tests. The challenges were filmed and later transmitted on various TV stations in Nigeria and Niger.  The show aired in 14 episodes on TV and showed how the participants fared. The final 15 contestants were shortlisted at the end of the reality show.

These remaining 15 contestants will participate as official Desert Warriors in the Expedition. During the expedition, the participants will travel from Nigeria to the United Kingdom across the Sahara desert by car. Winners will be selected by public voting. The Desert Warriors will receive prizes including a Suzuki jeep as well as monetary awards.

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