Mission Statement

FADE is an international non-profit organization formed by Dr. Jibunoh and is accredited to the United Nations World summit on sustainable development. FADE was established on May 11th, 2000 and is vehemently committed to the prevention and control of environmental degradation and climate change with an emphasis on desertification and desert encroachment.

FADE aims to rid the community of their most devastating societal ills stemming from desertification – displacement, illiteracy, poverty, tribal conflicts, food shortage and environmental degradation. Our projects hope to achieve the realization of self-empowerment for women. We also strive to develop educational systems in the local communities affected by the long-term consequences of desertification which is imperative to establishing a poverty free society. To directly address the causes of desertification in the Sahel region, FADE will do the following:

Investigate different soil strata that exist along the edges. This phase will be very important, because not all strata in the Sahara will accept vegetation, so it is important to identify workable areas. This will help in identifying areas that will be treated. This process is already taking place.

Investigate underground water resources. Jibunoh began this process during the Sahara crossing by identifying oases will sustain vegetation. Vegetation will have to be suited to the particular soil state identified.

These kinds of experiments have already begun in the Niger Republic and have been quite successful, but limited in their reach because of insufficient resources.

Conventional investment circles lack the flexibility investment process that will be transparent to donors and more accessible to the recipients. FADE will build strong partnerships with the most critically affected groups and continue to ensure that this remains a grassroots organization in touch with and catering for their needs.

FADE will also be a partner to donors by serving as an adviser on desertification issues. Already active are consultative workshops that will convene in affected countries in the Western African region along with the donor community. These workshops serve as a review process where strategies and impacts can be assessed and funds can be pledged.

FADE appeals to the inhabitants of affected countries to plant 4 trees for every one felled, and to individuals in the global community to plant one tree each for the future of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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