Me,My Desert & I

Me, My Desert and I


Chief Newton Jibunoh, founder of the NGO, the Fight Against Desert Encroachment (FADE), has written the book, Me, My Desert and I, depicting in vivid accounts his second journey across the Sahara alone.

The book provides a look into the life of this extraordinary man, describing the events preceding and determining his path for this cause against desert encroachment and relaying, in true "African style", his encounters and reflections in the desert.

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...suddenly, my car was lifted into the air like a piece of trash, twirling around in a weightless circular motion and for a moment I felt I was on a space ride to the moon. I could not see a thing and before I could begin to comprehend what on earth was transporting me thus, I was smashed back to earth in one sickening thud. Silence and dusty vision was everywhere. I was lying on my side against the driver's door still strapped in my seat belt. I unstrapped the seat belt, moved my left foot off the floor to adjust myself, and then my right foot. That could not move. I tried again, but no way. I looked down and found that it was wedged between the clutch and the brake pedals. I shifted my position and tried to move my foot to free it, and I screamed in pain and fell back on the seat. “Damn!  Oh no, I have broken my leg.”
Somehow I managed to free my foot in the mist of this pain and scampered out of the car, just in time to watch the receding sandstorm that had ended my beautiful drive so ignominiously. I felt my left foot, then the ankle, which was now tender and throbbing. I felt for broken bones, but my untutored hands could not locate any. I picked up myself gingerly, took a few steps and found I could limp along. “Thank God, only a fractured ankle. Phew, was I lucky?” I hobbled over to find the car half-buried in a sandbank. Oh! no, this was the last thing I needed. I knew it; the birds were there to lead me astray, maybe to my death. Now I have no car and only one and a half legs. What would I do?

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