Hunger for Power


Hunger for Power is Dr. Newton Jibunohs 4th book. Dr. Newton Jibunoh is the founder of FADE (Fight Against Desert Encroachment). He is a Nigerian adventurer and explorer who has crossed the Sahara Desert 4 times. His background is in Soil Mechanics and he worked for Costain Group where he rose to the position of Chairman/CEO, a position he held for sixteen years.

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Dr. Newton Jibunohs fourth book “Hunger for Power” is the story of an amazingly intriguing life which began by exploring an orphan boys escape from a life of deprivation to culminate at the pinnacle of corporate Nigeria.

It is a business primer, detailing the fault lines that will confront the man or woman intent on making a mark on Nigeria’s business landscape.

It is also the history of contemporary Nigeria from just before the civil war and right through successive military regimes to the dawn of democracy.

Then it is, finally, the detailed account of environmental activism and the travels across the Sahara Desert from London to Nigeria, and Nigeria to London, in the quest to stop the menace – desert encroachment and desertification.

In telling his life story as a businessman and building engineer, husband and father, adventurer and environmentalist, Newton Jibunoh takes us on an excursion through the alleyways of power, becoming at once a full participant in Nigeria’s history through his work and friendships.

This is a compelling human portrait of a larger-than-life personage.

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