"If you fly and drive across the countries of the world as I have done in the last 45 years, you will notice that our planet earth that was so blue and green has become gray and brown in the last 25 years. That was about the time the effects of climate change began to be noticed by the discerning minds. But climate change phenomenon had been with us all the while; we just could not admit it, and sometimes feigned complete ignorance."

Dr. Newton Jibunoh

FADE is an international non-profit organization formed by Dr. Jibunoh and is accredited to the United Nations World summit on sustainable development. FADE was established on May 11th, 2000 (incorporated in 2002) and is vehemently committed to the prevention and control of environmental degradation and climate change with an emphasis on desertification and desert encroachment. FADE aims to rid the community of their most devastating societal ills stemming from desertification – displacement, illiteracy, poverty, tribal conflicts, food shortage and environmental degradation.

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