Month: March 2019

A thought for our Neighbours

FADE Weekly Column 0

The recent disaster ravaging Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi has been weighing heavily on my mind for more than a week now since it broke. Described as one of the worst tropical storm to affect Africa, Cyclone Idai has caused catastrophic… Read More

Fighting Bribery and Corruption in Nigeria: Mission Impossible? III

FADE Weekly Column 0

The word corruption has been used in Nigeria in both a loose and all-encompassing sense, as well as a synonym for bribery, fraud, or stealing. Even our President thinks that fighting corruption begins and ends with kickbacks and embezzlement. As I have said in my previous article, corruption is nepotism, cronyism, tribalism, justice denied, poor wages, poor projects implementation, inaccurate billing, poor service provision, voter registration and rigging,… Read More