Happy International Day of Forests ?

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Forests are highly underestimated. What many people don’t know is that we depend on forests for our survival…from the air we breathe to the wood we use. Here are 5 reasons why we should all care for forests:
– Forests take in and store carbon dioxide thereby reducing the amount in the atmosphere. It then releases oxygen and we can all agree that oxygen is pretty important.
– Forests give us essential goods such as timber, food, fuel and bioproducts. This is easy to imagine as we all use timber in one way of the other. We use paper. We eat fruits and animals that live in the forests. We use firewood etc.
– Forests help to prevent erosion, or the wearing away of soil through the action of wind and water. The canopy of leaves in the forest shields the ground from the hard pounding action of rain, slowing and softening its fall to the forest floor. Plants also contribute organic material to soil which helps soil absorb and hold water. Many areas in the country suffer from erosion problems while other parts suffer from land degradation i.e the wearing away of the soil nutrient leaving it infertile and of no use to farmers or herders. We are all aware of the dangers that have arisen from these problems. Improving our forests cover though not an immediate solution but a long term lasting solution would solve the problem of erosion and land degradation in many areas.
– Forests are home to around 80% of the world’s terrestrial species. From tigers and jaguars, to mountain gorillas and orang-utans, some of the world’s most iconic animals rely on forest habitats. To break this down, many animals that our forefathers saw resident in their areas are no more because we chased them away by destroying their homes. Look at Kenya, Tanzania etc benefitting huge income from tourists wanting to see their wild animals. We could also benefit as well if we improve our forest covers. When last did we sight a lion in Nigeria or a tiger and more recently, an elephant.
– Forests enhance the beauty of the landscape, providing rich and varied scenery enjoyed by tourists as well as by those who live near the forests.
Many of us love the villages because of its serenity. It’s also usually very cool. You wake up to the songs of the birds and dance of the wind. These things are due it’s greenness.
In conclusion, forests are a part of nature. We met them here. It only makes sense that we leave them here as well when we depart from the earth.

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