What is left of our resources?

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Earth Overshoot Day Source: NY times

Last year, for the first time on Fadeafrica column, the subject of Earth overshoot day was discussed(read article here). A lot of people had probably just heard about it for the first time. For those who don’t know about it, Earth overshoot day signals the day the budget for the year has been exhausted by humanity.


In simpler terms, humanity has withdrawn more resources than what is available in its account for earth’s resources.



This year’s Earth overshoot day which occurred on the 22nd of August was delayed by three weeks for the first time in a lot of years and a lot of experts say this delay could be attributed to the Coronavirus pandemic which put a halt to a lot of human activities centered on extreme consumerism.


We all talk about the environment and hardly live lives that are dedicated wholly or partially to care and nurture of the earth. But, this lifestyle is one that can push the overshoot day farther and help the Earth heal.

We should practice a lifestyle of moderation and conservation, only use what you need and try to not waste. I have spoken frequently about the need to care for the earth. This is the most important thing to do as a human being after caring for every other living person and creature.

We should care by REDUCING OUR the amount of resources we use, from the clothes we wear to the amount of fuel we consume.



We should ask ourselves what if the earth throws us away, what then do we do?

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