Climate Change With a Vengeance

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The relentless march of climate change continues to grip our world with a firm and unforgiving grasp. The oceans and seas, once our allies have now become tumultuous adversaries, their warming waters spilling over into our lands with a vengeance. As inhabitants of this planet, we find ourselves increasingly drowning in the consequences of our actions.

The warming of our oceans and seas is not just a distant threat, it’s a reality we face every day. The rise in global temperatures has led to the expansion of these bodies of water, causing sea levels to surge. Coastal communities worldwide are feeling the impact as the waters encroach further onto the land. This isn’t a phenomenon restricted to a single Tuesday, it’s a relentless ongoing process.

In fact, on the 8th of September, 2023 the world felt the tremors of Mother Earth’s fury. Earthquakes rocked regions unaccustomed to such natural disasters, a grim reminder of the consequences of our collective actions. It is the planet’s way of fighting back against the environmental degradation it has endured due to human activities. These seismic events are not isolated incidents but a reflection of the unstable ground we now tread upon due to climate-induced changes.

Our forests, the lungs of our planet are facing unprecedented challenges. The lush greenery of Africa and the Amazon, once abundant sources of life, has been depleted at an alarming rate. These ecosystems have borne the brunt of human activities, giving way to development without adequate replenishment. As these forests disappear, we lose not only biodiversity but also critical carbon sinks that help regulate our climate.

We cannot keep taking from the Earth without giving back. Our very existence relies on the delicate balance of nature. The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink all originate from the land. It’s time to recognize that our actions have consequences, and it’s time to take responsibility.
The 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCC COP28),set to take place in Dubai this year. This conference represents a critical juncture in our battle against climate change. Leaders and delegates from around the world will gather to address the pressing issues that threaten our planet’s future.
Among the heroes of the climate movement are individuals who have tirelessly championed this cause. One such hero is Professor Chukwumerije Okereke who is currently the coordinating lead author in the United Nations (UN) intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) whose groundbreaking research and tireless advocacy have shed light on the urgency of climate action.
Professor Wangari Maathai was an environmental and political activist from Kenya who was known for her work in tree planting, conservation and women’s rights. She founded Green belt movement, an environmental organization that focused on tree planting and women empowerment. Professor Wangari Maathai was also awarded the noble peace price in 2004 for her outstanding contribution to environmental conservation and sustainable development.
Professor Wangari Maathai was arrested and jailed several times during her activism, particularly in her involvement in environmental and political causes in Kenya. One of the most notable instance was 1992 when she was arrested and detained for her role in protest against the government’s plans to privatize public land in Nairobi’s Uhuru Park. She and other activists were advocating for the park’s preservation as a public space.
Her activism and outspokenness on environmental issues often put her at odd with the government and powerful interests leading to her arrest and detention on various occasions. However, her dedication to environmental conservation and human rights remained unwavering throughout her life.
The Former Vice President Al Gore of the United States of America has also played a pivotal role in pushing for climate initiatives and policies that can help steer us away from disaster.
Al Gore was the inaugural speaker in the new Swain Climate Policy Series on October 26, 2021. Delivered a message of great concern, tempered with hope about climate change. “We Have the Solutions, But We’ve Got to Move Faster”
Former vice president spoke to a virtual crowd to kick off the Swain Climate Policy Series. In his campaign to educate people about global warming, he wrote and starred in a documentary film called “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH”. Since the film’s release, it has been credited for the raising international public awareness of global warming and reenergizing the environmental movement.

Their words and actions have inspired many, yet despite their sacrifices, we have not achieved the progress we so desperately need. One of the obstacles they faced was the concerted efforts of heavy polluters and well-funded sceptical who engaged the world’s top scientists to argue against the very existence of climate change.
Surprisingly, despite the weight of evidence, the 28th year’s meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP28) finds us still struggling to combat the climate crisis. We are drowning in a sea of inaction, with very little tangible progress on the ground

In stark contrast, I find myself approaching my 86th year, having attended 15 COP meetings, and I am left with very little to show for it. It’s a stark reminder that time is running out, and we cannot afford to let another conference go by without meaningful action.
Our Earth demands better from us and we must rise to the challenge with renewed determination and a commitment to change our course. Our planet, with its oceans, lands, and atmosphere is sending us a message with a vengeance. It’s time we heed that call and take decisive action to safeguard our future and the generations to come.
The urgency of COP28 cannot be overstated. This year’s conference in Dubai represents a pivotal moment in our struggle against climate change. Delegates from nations around the world must come together to forge a path toward sustainable solutions.
In the face of rising seas and trembling ground, it’s imperative that we tackle climate change headon. COP28 provides a platform for nations to set more ambitious targets for emissions reductions, renewable energy adoption, and reforestation efforts.

Let’s not forget that the very essentials of life—air, food, and water—all originate from the land. As we contemplate the gravity of the climate crisis, we must recognize that these pillars of human existence are at risk.
The quality of the air we breathe is deteriorating due to the release of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. COP28 should focus on strengthening international commitments to reduce emissions and improve air quality.
Agriculture is profoundly impacted by climate change. Extreme weather events, droughts, and shifting growing seasons threaten our global food supply. COP28 presents an opportunity to discuss innovative agricultural practices and food security measures.
Climate change disrupts precipitation patterns leading to droughts in some regions and devastating floods in others. Access to clean and safe drinking water is increasingly precarious, the conference must address water conservation and equitable access.
COP28 in Dubai can be the turning point we desperately need. It’s a moment for nations to unite, set aside differences, and commit to a sustainable future. We cannot afford to let heavy polluters and climate change deniers hold us back any longer.
Our planet is indeed experiencing “Climate Change with a Vengeance.” The consequences of our actions are evident in the warming oceans, rising seas, and trembling earth. But we must remember that we hold the power to mitigate these effects and steer our world towards a more sustainable future.
COP28 set to convene in Dubai symbolizes our last chance to take decisive action. We must heed the lessons of climate heroes, confront denial and inaction, and prioritize the well-being of our planet.
As I stand at the precipice of my 86th year, I implore the world to join me in the fight against climate change. Together, we can quell the vengeance of climate change and forge a path toward a brighter and a more sustainable future for all.

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